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        24 May 2009

Lucy Lawless to imprison "Spartacus"

The following was posted on the PrideSource website

Deep Inside Hollywood
Originally printed 5/14/2009 (Issue 1720 - Between The Lines News)

A perfect storm of gay TV is on the horizon, thanks to ancient Rome and Xena. The upcoming Starz series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" was already set to feature a "300"-style interpretation of the Spartacus legend, meaning that lots of muscular, barely-dressed men would be training or battling non-stop on your basic-cable system. We've also been promised queer characters. But now that the cast is fixed, lesbian audiences have a reason to tune in: Lucy Lawless. Yes, yes, it's a cliche, but it would appear that all lesbians everywhere on earth still love Lucy. Recently seen online interrogating former "L Word" cast members about the murder of Jenny, Lawless will star on "Spartacus" as the owner of the gladiator prison holding the rebel slave. That means she'll probably be somewhat wicked. And who doesn't like that? So while the warriors may be men, the princess returns to weekly TV in January of 2010. That gives you about eight months to plan the viewing party.