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        17 June 2009

Lucy Talks About Working on Spartacus

Lucy Lawless has posted a new message on her official site about working on Spartacus and relocating from Hollywood back to Auckland, New Zealand. Part of the message related to Spartacus is:

The lead role is played by Andy Whitfield.  He is a great star on and off-camera.  I love what he brings to the role.  He is a gentleman and a family man and I think that is what gives his character so much depth.  Naturally, he's bloody handsome to boot. I am playing Lucretia, the Lady Macbeth character.  I can't distill her down in a blog, but it's a terrific role and I am proud of the work I am doing.  My husband, Batiatus, is played by John Hannah, who is a scream...

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