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        11 June 2009

Spartacus Comic Series Interview with RH Stavis

Play Magazine has interviewed RH Stavis who is cross media writer. She writes DF/F/H/SciFi movies, TV, videogames, comics, and novels and is currently working on Spartacus: Blood and Sand Comic Series for Devil's Due.

Your latest project has you working with some pretty heavy hitters in Hollywood too, including Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. So what can you tell us about Spartacus: Blood and Sand?

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is a new Ghost House [Raimi and Tapert's film studio] television series that will air on Starz. Of course, as the title suggests, it follows the rise of Spartacus, but in a VERY new and exciting way. The show is extremely visceral and graphic, concentrating on the real elements of life as a gladiator, but in a cool comic book style, sort of like 300. It's edgy, dark, and sexy ... I think that's a great combination!

How did you first get attached to the comic from Devil's Due, and what's it been like working on the series?

I actually spent time talking to Executive Producer, Steven S. DeKnight when he began working on Spartacus. He really wanted to create a comic series that was based in the same world, but stood on its own, told new stories, focused on different characters, but had the same cool elements as the show. He wanted me involved and the first thing I did was contact Josh Blaylock over at Devil's Due, because I know Josh is not adverse to serious violence and nudity ... a MUST for the comic series.

It's been a great experience. We've been pouring over artists and writers, working hard to create a book readers will enjoy. Steven wrote the first one himself ... fans will recognize him from the Buffy Season 8 [comic] series. We've also got the great Jimmy Palmiotti lined up, so our stories are simply amazing. I can't wait until its debut at San Diego Comic-Con.

What can fans expect to see in the comic that they might miss in the series?

It's different. People will see other facets of the world [and] emphasis on other characters. But I do think if people read the series and watch the show, they'll probably have a deeper understanding of both.


Just make sure you stop by and say hi at [San Diego] Comic-Con. Our Spartacus panel is on Friday [July 25th], and there will be a signing after, so I'd love to see you all! Also, for up to the minute info on cool stuff, please follow me on Twitter at "RHStavis". You know, for when I can actually confirm said rumors.


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