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        29 August 2009

Casting News Katrina Law as Mira

amira.jpg On the 15th August, I posted rumours of another casting for Spartacus and that the role of Amira, a slave and a love interest for Spartacus circulated around based on some posted comments by Katrina's boyfriend. Those comments have now been deleted BUT Katrina's role on Spartacus has been confirmed.

The name of the character has changed from Amira to Mira and the news was posted on the Official Spartacus Forum by the  Forum Admin:

It's great that so many people have speculated on this. I think I can help set the record straight.

Mira (formally known as Amira) is a slave played by Katrina Law. As far as her relationship with Spartacus - no comment, no spoilers. To my knowledge, the production is running episode by episode and there are 13 in this season. We will keep posting to our Twitter feed: