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        29 August 2009

Spartacus Comic Book #2 With Lucretia Cover

The next issue of the Spartacus Blood and Sand Comic Series #2 is being advertised in the September 2009 Issue of Previews Magazine.

Andrea sent in the scan of the advert featuring Lucy as Lucretia. According to the advert, the cover may not be the final cover when the comic book is released.

Spartacus #2 [of 4]

Shadows of the Jackal

BEtween Spartacus and his freedom stand the gladiator Crixus, whose legend begins with his battle against the horrifying Gargan Twins. Feral, evil cannibals from birth, Decimus and Tiberius Gargan are finally captured and thrown in the arena, where they devour anything - and anyone - in their path. If Crixus can't stop them, there's no man alive who can!

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