AUSXIP Spartacus News


        29 September 2009

Erin Twitters About Spartacus

Erin has posted on her Twitter account about life on the Spartacus set...

12:56 AM Sep 26th from web: Finally made it to a workout at Les Mills, where to work out when in Auckland!

5:43 PM Sep 26th from web: Off to meet with the director of the next Spartacus episode to discuss my upcoming scenes. This episode is a mind fuck.... but brilliant.

about 21 hours ago from web: 1st day back on the Spartacus set - glorious crew that I adore, brilliant actors who inspire, and the writing... it's just jaw-dropping.

about 3 hours ago from web: On set, about to put on my costume. White body paint. Yup, that's about it! Looks amazing though.... Like a snowflake... a sexy snowflake.