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        11 December 2009

Spartacus Review - Minor Spoilers

I found the following review very interesting (the tone of the review). Men and women will see this show so differently. Case in point in the following review written by a young man who loved the fighting and the sexual activity.

Whilst reviewing episode 1 and episode 2, I was instantly attracted to the idea of the story line for Spartacus and what he must do to re-unite with his wife (have to admit the sight of muscled, good looking men did make an impact on me). I had feared (when I first heard about the show) it would be a testosterone fueled killing spree for 45 minutes. It's not and that's the great part about this show. It does have it's testosterone fueled moments but it also has a plot, great acting, great directing and somewhere to go other than the killing.

ImageFilm Monthly Review

Many movie channels have successful series. HBO has Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Showtime has Dexter and Californication. Starz can only offer up Crash as way of competition. In an effort to compete more with the big dogs, they have released a new series to air in January, Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Just hearing mention of this show, I instantly expected war, possibly similar to 300. I was wrong!

Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) was a great, yet troubled gladiator in Ancient Rome. A Thoracian, was caught by war-heroes of Rome, thrown in the Coliseum, and given our equivalent of the death penalty – four killing machines against Spartacus. He comes out victorious, the only one left living. He was bought, then trained as a gladiator. Spartacus covers his troubles and his families.

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