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        26 January 2010

Andy Interview On Crave Online

We talk to the star of the new cable series, 'Spartacus'.
by Fred Topel
Jan 25, 2010

Madness? THIS IS SPARTA-CUS! Yeah, I made a 300 reference. Spartacus: Blood and Sand uses the green screen technology of that other ancient fighting story for its gladiator battles. Andy Whitfield plays the famed slave turned hero in an episodic TV version of the story, fully R-rated for the Starz network. Whitfield joined a conference call to discuss the show, which airs Friday nights on Starz.


Q: How do you like the way you look in slow motion?


Andy Whitfield: There was this camera called the Phantom camera that show 1000 frames a second. You can slow things down, you can freeze things and that meant two things. One, it meant I couldn't have a stunt double because you could see it wasn't me. So I pretty much did most of my stunts. Secondly, I had to learn a whole new way of holding my face and learning to not blink because a blink is a minute long. Also, if I had to scream in anguish, I had to get it in early, otherwise it was at the end of the sequence which was only like two seconds but stretched out to 30. So yeah, there were a few technical things to learn but wow, it just looks phenomenal.

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