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        14 January 2010

Spartacus: Spartacular!!! - Off The Reel

ImageThe countdown is officially on, folks. In less than two weeks Movie Central will be blessing your TV sets with the most exciting series I’ve seen in a while. Picture this – if Rome and 300 had a lovechild, it would be Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

It’s an underdog story of a slave, but fierce fighter, Spartacus, who is forced to work the brutal underbellies of Rome and compete as a gladiator in the spectacle arena so that he may one day be reunited with his wife. Treachery, deceit, corruption, and lust surround him and his competitors, constantly testing their limits. From the blood-drenched pits Spartacus must rise and deliver, or else.

What’s special about this series is its mixture of elements. The visual style is unmatched. The characters are well developed. We’re not just talking about grunting, muscle bulging, posturing men at war with each other, but people with ambition, emotions. Strength juxtaposed with vulnerability. Sympathy for each is easily swayed. It’s also filled to the brim with gore, violence, excitement and sex – to the likes I’ve never seen on a primetime series. There’s also a pinch of humour in the writing to lighten the mood. Ladies, don’t feel left out, Spartacus is sure to deliver a visceral viewing experience for you as well. Talk about co-viewing potential huh? It truly has something for everyone…..well, you might want to put the kids to bed first.

Spartacus stars the dashingly handsome Aussie actor, Andy Whitfield. If any MC fans out there checked out the movie Gabriel – yes that’s him. Spartacus also ushers in a triumphant return for Lucy Lawless, but don’t get confused – this is no Xena. Other mentionables include John Hannah of The Mummy fame and Peter Mensah from 300.

Do enjoy this journey to an era of unrelenting action and claims to glory. Spartacus: Blood and Sand airs Mondays on Movie Central at 9 pm MT, starting January 25.

Whet your appetite for gladiator contests by watching the movie Spartacus, this Friday at 9 pm MT on Encore Avenue! This classic film stars Kirk Douglas as a Thracian slave who leads a revolt against the decadent Roman Empire.