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        24 February 2010

Episode 6 Delicate Things Review - SPOILER FREE


Before I start, I just wanted to thank Starz Entertainment once again for the screeners for these episodes. The following mini review contains NO SPOILERS. I wouldn't wish to spoil this great episode.


Season 1 Episode 6 Delicate Things

With the glory and riches reaped by Spartacus' victory in the arena, it appears that his long desired reward will be granted when Batiatus informs him that he will be reunited with his wife.

Now having watched this...I'm numb and in shock (a good shock). Absolute shock. This episode just surpasses EVERYTHING else before it.

WOW! That is just mind blowing! JUST ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY mind blowing!

Events started in Episode 5 have consequences in Episode 6 and beyond. Unbelievable. I can honestly say the revelations in this episode will leave you gasping in shock.

This episode will move you and if you're not moved...well, check your pulse.

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