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        3 March 2010

IESB Exclusive Interivew - Erin Cummings

ImageOn the Starz original action-adventure drama series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Erin Cummings plays Sura, a Thracian princess and the wife of the title character.

When Sura is captured, taken from Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) and sold into slavery, his sole focus in life becomes doing whatever it takes to get her back. Even though his rebellious tendencies initially get him into trouble, he is tamed by the promise of one day being reunited with his wife.

In this exclusive interview with IESB, Erin Cummings talks about playing such a strong woman, how much she enjoys working with her co-star Andy Whitfield, filming in New Zealand and her feelings about the critics of the show's graphic violence, sex and nudity.

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News submitted by Barbara Davies