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        20 March 2010

Interview with Erin and Steven From Comic Con

The following interview is from (don't you just love that name? I think it's hysterical. Cute). Christopher Stipp interviewed Erin and Steven during 2009 Comic Con.

Erin Cummings and Steven DeKnight - INTERVIEW

So, when you go to Comic-Con, as you’re there trying to score interviews, you sometimes have to sit on things.

Last year I did a rather lengthy interview with Zachary Levi of Chuck that I had to sit on for months because we didn’t know when the show was coming back on the air. When I talked to Michael Jai White and Scott Sanders of Black Dynamite, I had to wait for that one to catch a little fire before releasing that one as well. So, when I was literally pulled into a hallway to be shown the trailer for Spartacus: Blood and Sand, now playing on the Starz channel, and had a chance to talk to the always affable actress Erin Cummings who I talked to exactly 12 months before that for her film Bitch Slap and showrunner/writer/director/producer/ender of anyone not in awe of his body art Steven DeKnight I was game to get an interview that would sleep away for months while the show generated some steam.

Cribbing a little bit from 300’s style but being wholly original in crafting a series that is not your usual sword and sandals production Spartacus separates itself from other shows in that you get blood but you also get a little drama, some heartfelt emotion. The series is just past the half-way point for the first season but it was a pleasure to talk to someone like Steven, a man who has had his fingers in Angel, Dollhouse, Smallville, ahem Viva Laughlin, ahem, and even has written some episodes for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The man is impressive simply by the successes he’s had on the production and written side of the business while Erin Cummings, who played a tempestuous little tart in Bitch Slap, simply exudes the kind of intelligence, thoughtfulness, and sense of humor you wish more starlets would possess.

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