AUSXIP Spartacus News


        30 March 2010

Message From Lucy About The Auction & Early Tallys

Hi folks,

I'm beyond stoked with the figures I was tallying last night. Beyond stoked. Here are the prelim figures for Starship & ROC Outreach Fund.

Starship Foundation
$ 11,917.74 NZD (that figure will rise with some late sales and some donations)

ROC OutReach Fund
$3,240.82 USD

Lucy sent me a message about the wonderful support for the auction.

Holy cow! My god, that is a lot of money! You can be sure that that will go right where it is vitally needed. Thank-you Friends, from the bottom of my heart!I have never worked on a show with a fanbase as giving as the XWP gang. I guess it was the nature of the show and its message that formed such a community.

I am a day wiser today. I had a wonderful birthday and I just realised that that was truly a birthday present to me! Gosh, now I feel all redfaced. I know you all work so hard for every buck you make and I never want to cajole money out of my beloved fans for any reason. I appreciate all you have done for me in my life and career and I truly ask for nothing more from you. But you make these things happen anyway.
On behalf of all my collegues at the Starship Foundation, our great love and thanks to you, dear Friends, dear Nutballs, old Pals!

Thanks to Mary, Christa, Roger and team for making it all go.
I am so touched.
Love always and everywhere,