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        6 April 2010

Behind The Scenes on The Spartacus Workout


I was reading one of my favourite fitness sites and came across this article. My interests collide <g> Check out this article

Does It Work? Behind the Scenes of the Spartacus Workout! -

Readers at That's Fit are asking questions about the Spartacus workout -- a training regime that was created by fitness experts Adam Campbell and Rachel Cosgrove to help the cast of Starz' TV show "Spartacus" get into rock-hard shape. It's proof our readers (that's you!) are in touch with what's up-and-coming when it comes to new and imaginative workout programs -- and we're happy to share what makes this simple, yet creative workout so effective.

The Spartacus workout is basically a circuit routine of 10 exercises that work every part of your body [to see the exercises, check out Men's Health's web site for both pictures and exercise descriptions for each move.]. To do it, you perform one set of each exercise -- or "station" -- in succession for a total of 60 seconds, doing as many reps as you can with perfect form. If you can't exercise for the entire 60 seconds, exercisers are encouraged to go as long as they can, rest for a few seconds, then continue until the minute is up.

After that, you move on to the next station, resting 15 seconds in between. After you've completed the entire 10-move circuit, rest for two minutes, then repeat the circuit twice more for a total of three times. The workout is repeated three times a week, resting a day in between each workout.

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