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        21 April 2010

Katrina Interview On Rachel's TV Dramas Blog

indexKatrina was interviewed on Rachel's TV Dramas Blog - check out the great interview!

Over the years I have interviewed dozens of television celebrities and one common characteristic I have found is when asked how/when they developed an interest in acting, the majority have been involved in some form of artistic avenue since they were very young. Is it some sort of special gene they possess? Is it hereditary? Perhaps this is why so many great actors make it all look so easy.

Katrina Law happens to be one of those actors who began singing and dancing at a very young age and spent years developing her talent. It wasn't until her college years that she realized that the acting gene was ready and waiting for her to take notice -- and once she did, there was no stopping her!

After several guest starring roles on shows such as Third Watch and Chuck, Katrina landed a role in the hit Starz series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I had the pleasure of speaking with this incredibly sweet and enthusiastic actress about how she discovered her talent for acting, her new role and which shows she can't miss each week...

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