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        11 April 2010

Katrina Law New Blog - The Path To Addiction

castsi14Katrina has written a brand new blog and she's looking into why we (actors and public alike) have fallen in love with this show. Why we want some characters dead and some to thrive. Check out her fantastic blog!

The Path To Addiction by Katrina Law

Somewhere in California there is dark room filled with HD plasma TVs and computer screens all over the walls. Every episode of Spartacus is being played simultaneously while Twitter feeds, message boards, magazine and newspaper articles scroll from the bottom of one monitor to another like the code in the Matrix. A lone messenger pigeon flutters anxiously on the floor eager for his many brothers to return with news from afar about the show.

There is a red crushed velvet winged back chair in the middle of the room on top of a bear skin rug; probably an endangered bear. And in that chair sits Steven DeKnight, sipping blood red wine from a goblet and twirling his fingers in delight while he laughs maniacally at the madness he has created; a madness that we all call Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

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