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        15 April 2010

Kill Them All Speculation and Season 2 News - SPOILERS

index-12The following is from the Nashville Scene site. Contains minor spoilers for "KIll Them All" and some speculation about Season 2.

'Spartacus' sheaths his sword
...Friday's season finale at 9 p.m. is being billed as the ultimate slice-and-dice fest, and it bears the title "Kill Them All." It's also reportedly going to be a turning point in terms of the show's content, according to TV Guide.

The second year is titled Spartacus: Vengeance and will focus more on the political fallout that results from the gradual buildup of the slave army challenging the Roman empire. Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) will sharpen his diplomatic skills and concentrate as much on strengthening his resources as he does in the first season's climatic episode on eliminating almost all his foes at the gladiator school. Meanwhile, look for perhaps the highest body count on any episodic show this season