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        20 April 2010

New Lesley-Ann Blog 20 April 2010

Lesley-Ann Brandt-102 smallLesley-Ann's Official Blog has been updated!

L.A.B. Blog Update 20 April 2010

Hi Everyone!

As the final episode aired, I was on set filming, thinking about the cast in LA attending the Spartacus finale party and those in NZ and Australia. Episode 13 was completely mind blowing!!! Actually, no, it was mind blasting, it literally blasted my mind! Everything from the action to the heartache of losing Duro, (I cried), to the massacre that unfolded frame by frame....I like so many of you was absolutely gobsmacked! Favourite scenes? Definitely Doctore confronting Ashur, they did a magnificent job. Crixus, FINALLY, deciding to Kill Them All, (I think I jumped up with my fist in the air), Spartacus and Crixus promising to fulfil each other's promise of either killing Batiatus or finding Naevia...I could go on and on.

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