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        10 April 2010

Spartacus Episode 12 Recap/Review by MaryD

Spartacus Blood and Sand Episode Recap / Review
Season 1 Episode 12 Revelations
by MaryD

Lucretia and Batiatus await the arrival of Glaber with the intentions to receive his patronage, while Spartacus focuses his attention on his plan for revenge. Friday, 4/9 at 10pm et/pt on Starz.

Favourite Quote: "I will win my freedom, I will not rest until I find you..." Crixus to Naevia

ImageWhen we last saw Solonios, the poor man was silly enough to trust Ashur. Not so smart Solonios. Ashur played him and Solonios found himself holding a dagger and a very dead Magistrate. To make matters even worse (can they be even worse?) young Numerious, the Magistrate's son found Solonios with dead dad. Go straight to the Arena, do not pass go and collect the out of jail card for Solonios.

The episode opens with Crixus fighting the arena and down below waiting to die is Solonios who gets a visit from Batiatus The Ruthless One. Checkmate Solonios...what a nasty man that Batiatus and how brilliant is John Hannah? Poor Sol...ah well.

ImageBack to the Arena and Solonios walks out to meet his end and he does it with dignity. He also shows a little humour in the way he speaks to Spartacus about maybe getting out alive. Spartacus holds back a little much to Numerious' disgust until he starts to slice and dice. Just before Spartacus delivers the final blow he gives Solonios a gift. The knowledge that Batiatus will be joining him in the afterlife soon. That news makes the soon-to-be dead Solonios a very happy man. I bet he's going to be planning Batiatus' welcoming party!

The look on Spartacus' face as he gazes up at Batiatus while holding Solonios' head on the tip of his sword was chilling. Even more chilling that seeing Solonios' head, the blood dripping down the sword. I suspect Batiatus thinks there is something seriously wrong because you could see him wondering what the heck is going on...soon, Batty, soon!

Back at the Ludus and Batiatus is rewarding Ashur with his gift for being so loyal. I have a love/hate relationship with Ashur. I love the character because he is evil and I hate the character because he's so deliciously evil. Batiatus rewards him with newer digs - the villa. Much to Ashur's surprise. It was genuine surprise and one that saw Ashur's dirty brain go into action.

Spartacus is visited by Mira who is getting quite frustrated with his reaction to her touch. She reminds him that she has done a lot for him..oh like stand guard while he murdered the driver; simple things like that and yet he doesn't want her. Mira is running out of patience with Spartacus. Spartacus reveals his mind is on other things...retribution is far stronger than sex. Instead of walking away and leaving a brooding gladiator in her wake, Mira sits and talks. She has patience; she will get what she wants in time. For now she listens and counsels Spartacus. She is shocked when he reveals that Batiatus killed Sura and he plans revenge. Instead of her jumping up and down and urging him to retaliate like any good slave wound...she reminds him that a lot more lives are at stake than just his. She reminds him of Roman law

"If one slave spills the blood of his master, ALL are put to death."

Hmm. Slight flaw in Spartacus' plan but Spartacus doesn't care. He basically tells her she's on her own. Wow. Nice one Sparty. Don't give a toss for anyone else except yourself. Mira showed a lot of restraint in not hitting him for being such a self centered DUMB man.
Meanwhile elsewhere in the Ludus, Crixus and Naevia are enjoying each other's company. Naevia has a nice tattoo I hadn't noticed before and Crixus is a happy man. Crixus is still feeling a little cheated by Naevia's absence during his defeat of Pericles in the previous episode. Aren't we a little obsessed with our own greatness, Crixus? While Naevia is trying to reassure Crixus she will show up at every, her Domina calls. Oh not good. Good thing Lucretia took her time in coming down the stairs because Crixus took his time in getting out of there.

Naevia is in big fact she's got trouble of the Ashur kind. Ashur, evil man that he is wants Naevia as his lady love. That's just downright nasty to take away the one thing Crixus loves...Naevia finds she is the object of Ashur's lust. Ick Ick Ick! Poor Naevia. Even Lucretia is disgusted by this move! Yeay Lucretia! She can't believe Ashur got Naevia. Yeah I agree with Lucretia...f*cking Ashur! Lucretia is truly saddened by Batiatus' decision. Lucretia does indeed care for Naevia. That was a surprise; didn't think Lucretia had it in her to even care for a slave.

Spartacus and Crixus share some thoughts. Sparty dreams of revenge and Crixus, being Crixus, dreams of Sparty's blood on the sands. Talk about a one track mind! I could see the mental eye roll directed at Crixus The Clueless.

Sparty FINALLY gets a clue that his actions will have consequences on every other slave at the Ludus when he realises that Aurelia, Varro's wife, is now a slave. Batiatus reveals that Aurelia didn't want Spartacus' money and is willing to work to pay off Varro's debt. How's that for a spanner in the works, eh Spartacus? Now what are you going to do? Think of yourself? Nope. Varro was his friend and he is already responsible for his friend's death. Does he want Aurelia's death on his hands? Nope. Change of plan. Thank the Gods for Aurelia. The look on Mira's face is priceless.

Mira is angry with Spartacus and lets him know. GO Mira! She reminds Spartacus that the previous evening he didn't care if he put everyone at risk and now all of a sudden he does. Sparty reminds her that Varro was like a brother. Blah blah blah. Mira, to her absolute credit reminds Spartacus that it was Spartacus who killed Varro. I cheered. Hit him where it hurts, Mira. Love Mira. She's quiet feisty when she's extremely angry and Spartacus is now a little less self centered yobbo.

Ashur is leaving the Gladiator dorm and heading to the big house but he just needs to do one thing and that is to bid goodbye to Crixus. It seems Crixus was the opponent who did the damage to his leg and for that, he has a lot to thank Crixus for. Without Crixus, Ashur would have died like any ol' Gladiator and the world would have been a better place. Now, thanks to Crixus, he's got digs at a better place, has Naevia and a great big ol' nasty smile. Life's not fair, is it Crixus? Nope.

Ilithyia is back; I missed not seeing the Seducer of Teenagers and Psycho Goddess. She is in fine form. I guess the killing of her frenemy is long gone and is a distant memory in that frazzled mind of hers. What a great character. Ilithyia and Ashur are two corrupt souls meant for each other. Too bad Ashur's taste in women doesn't turn to blondes.

Back to the two BFFs - it seems Ilithyia doesn't want to stay with Lucretia and tells her she is to return to Rome to be with Glaber. Lucretia is not happy at the news but Ilithyia tells her she will have fond memories of their times together and kisses a sad Lucretia. Yes how could one forget murdering someone; that was so much fun. The fun has to stop because she wants to be with her husband and not her best friend. Lucretia is losing her best friend. Domina is not having a good day.
Enter the Legatus, who is his usual pompous self. Hasn't he heard that if you disrespect Batiatus these days, you might find yourself in a very nasty place? I guess the news hasn't travelled all the way to Rome. Batiatus is none too happy with the Roman.

Meanwhile back at the Ludus, Naevia tells Crixus is over between them and then Lucretia greets Crixus. It's too much for the poor guy who doesn't know what to do. He is saved from explaining why he isn't happy to see his Domina when Lucretia collapses...hmm I wonder if she has a stomach bug or something?

Hell no! She's pregnant! About time all that playtime with Crixus paid off...took long enough. Batiatus is mighty happy to be a daddy. Let's hope the baby looks like Lucretia and has her beautiful blue eyes.

Glaber is none too happy about getting word on where Licinia disappeared to and Illythia, being the dutiful wife, suggests that Licinia was doing naughty things. Tsk such talk! Glaber's not going to be very happy when he finds out the truth missy!

We then have Spartacus fight Glaber's men for his amusement. No contest. He disables and bloodies their noses much to Glaber's surprise. To win favour for the house of Batiatus, Spartacus bows before Glaber. EVERYONE was aware how much effort that took from Spartacus, even clueless Crixus. That lovely moment is spoilt when Ashur decides now is the perfect time to go and nuzzle Naevia. The man has serious timing issues. Naturally Crixus sees red and wants Ashur's blood. Nice try but he is held back and Ashur, the weasel, reveals that Naevia isn't as pure as she was advertised. Lucretia is shocked and then enraged.

Mount Lucretia blows up again. Doesn't she know that getting so worked up is not good for the baby? Apparently not. Poor Naevia gets beaten up but she gives a little back by telling her Domina that Crixus never loved Lucretia! Ooh not a good move because Mount Lucretia gets that look in her know the one that means you are in bigger doodoo than you were before! She orders Mira to bring her a knife...a little Naevia slicing and dicing?

Meanwhile back with Glaber who is going off at Batiatus for such a terrible time he has been having and basically disrespects Batiatus' hospitality. We all know what happened the last time that happened at the House of Batiatus. The tables are turned on Glaber who doesn't think that anything Batiatus offers him will make any difference. Ah not so fast Roman...we have something special for you. He is given a box and what do you know, it's....

The Hand of Licinia!

I was expecting her head instead but I guess that was mashed up too much. Her hand will do. Poor Ilithyia. She really didn't learn the first time not to mess with Lucretia. Now here's the second lesson. DON'T MESS WITH LUCRETIA AND BATIATUS. Good grief will the woman never learn! Should have felt sorry for her...should have but didn't. Heh. I did enjoy that more than I should have. Glaber is now being blackmailed, Ilithyia is going to stay at the House of Batiatus. Now that really is having a horror of a day isn't it?

ImageBatiatus is not a happy man even after that blackmailing treat with Glaber. He has Hector, the poor guard, who lost the key beheaded, Crixus is whipped for his troubles and the big reveal is that Batiatus is not the clueless man I thought he was in relation to Lucretia & Crixus. He knew all along that Lucretia was fornicating with Crixus but let her do it because it made her happy. No more. Lucretia is to behave and they will have their child to look after.

Naevia lives! A little beaten up but she lives and she goes to Crixus. Crixus finally shows the love he has for her; forgets about fighting for the glory and all that nonsense. He wants to win his freedom and find Naevia. NOW that is common sense. Doctore once again shows what a great man he is by allowing them this special moment together before Naevia is taken away. She has been sold to another and is leaving the Ludus.

Naevia begs Doctore not to let Crixus follow his wish of freedom like Barca did because it won't end well. She reveals what we already knew; Barca was killed by Batiatus.

No more secrets.

All has been revealed. Let the bloodbath begin!


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