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        31 May 2010

John Hannah Video Interview & Transcript


Bravo has an exclusive interview with John up on their site. Unfortunately it's only for UK visitors. Barbara Davies who is in the UK has transcribed the interview and it's below. Thanks Barbara!

Exclusive Bravo Video Interview with John Hannah
Transcribed by Barbara Davies


"The cast generally were great. It was a great, great meeting of international souls. Of course, over any period of 8 months that chops and changes. What you find, I think, as an actor, you know, who you're going to get on with in a cast so often depends on what you are going to have to do with them. And it's weird. This is not like some Method thing (Marlon Brando Method thing, although I love Brandon). This is not like a Method thing, this just seems to be something that happens.

"If you play a happy character, who's always laughing and having a good time, chances are you probably will feel a bit more upbeat than somebody who's like slitting their wrists and being miserable and going around and all that, you know. So the people that you get on with are the people that you actually interact with as characters in a positive sense.

"And although most of the time I was being pretty devious and mean and lying to Andy, on the front of it we're getting on great, we start bonding, he trusts me, that trust goes on. Peter Mensah, we have a similar kind of relationship. Lucy (my wife) was just an adorable, adorable human being. And it was only as you then start to do mean and nasty things to them and think mean and nasty things are being done to you that you suddenly find yourself changing in your relationship and that's something that happens subconsciously.

"And it's not Method, it's not thought about, it's not intended, you just find yourself doing that ... And Nick Tarabay, who at first was as far as I was concerned just one of the slaves ... One become dismissive of the slaves. Then you realise you have a relationships where you are being more di dur di dur with them and that relationship becomes a little bit stronger. And it changes all the way through. But ultimately, and I can honestly say this, hand in heart, that it was such a great crowd of people. There wasn't somebody you try and avoid. You go 'Oh Christ, I'm not going to makeup because XYZ's in there, chatting away and I canna be bothered with the sound of their voice.' It really wasn't like that.

"We filmed the show in New Zealand, which was an amazing experience, amazing opportunity to get down there and to experience that part of the world. But also there were a couple of actors who were from New Zealand, which was great. They became sort of like hosts, in the sense of taking us to various places: beaches and the like. Taking us fishing. Mark Mitchison who becomes one of my henchmen, we went fishing together and stuff ... surfing. And then everybody else came from somewhere else, from all over the world: Australia, Palestine, South Africa, Ghana, Los Angeles. So everybody became like this family on set. There were little events that we did together. People went off and did things. It was really cool. So New Zealand is where we filmed it, it was our home for last year."