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        1 May 2010

Show Patrol Interviews Katrina Law


Show Patrol interviewed Katrina and it's a pretty cool interview. Check it out.

Somebody to watch: Katrina Law's ready for more 'Spartacus'

It's unlikely we'll ever see Katrina Law wearing her long hair Snooki style.

But the gorgeous New Jersey native, who played the slave Mira in Starz' "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" this past season, doesn't deny how "real" some cast members on MTV's "Jersey Shore" are--especially the guys.

"It's just so funny because everybody in Jersey is all up in arms right now about how this is such a stereotype," she told me Wednesday. "I hate to be the one to set it straight, but I have dated boys that I fully expect to see on 'Jersey Shore.'

"They took longer to get ready than I did. They're hair was more immaculate. Their nails were manicured. They were spray tanned--the whole nine."

Law, who was raised in rural South Jersey in a suburb of Philadelphia, now lives in L.A. but spent a lot of time this past year in New Zealand, where she filmed "Spartacus" and a role in "Legend of the Seeker."

You can see Law--in leather but with no Snooki poof--at 4 p.m. Saturday on WGN when she guest stars as Mord'Sith warrior woman Garen in "LotS." The episode, "Extinction," is the second of two parts that kicked off last weekend with "Walter." ("Walter" repeats at 3 p.m. Saturday.)

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