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        29 May 2010

Why Spend So Much Print In Trashing A Show


Why Spend So Much Print In Trashing A Show
by MaryD

So much print and bandwidth has been wasted in disparaging Spartacus from the UK (and the US previously) that I find it simply amazing. I'm surprised I actually read this drivel but since the site is about Spartacus, I only post articles that are positive (negativity is just so icky).

For example I was reviewing an article from The Guide (UK) today and this guy wastes a whole page in telling his readers how bad the show is. Wow.

These critics can't see past the sex, past the nudity and go blind to the actual storytelling.

This post also serves to reply to those very helpful people who send me articles on Spartacus. I don't post everything I get because the critics are wrong (in my opinion) but thank you to everyone who submits these articles / scans for me.

This is a great show; it has a stunning cast and great storytelling. Yes it has sex, nudity, blood and guts but so does the nightly news. I don't watch the nightly news for the storytelling (actually I don't watch the nightly news...very depressing).

Maybe there is a plan here. When you tell someone they can't watch it or they shouldn't watch it, people watch just to see why they shouldn't watch.

The ratings for the show are fantastic which I guess is the best revenge agains these critics.

Listen to the people...not the critics.