AUSXIP Spartacus News


        10 July 2010

Spartacus in Japan on 24 July

It's Japan's turn to experience Spartacus Blood and Sand starting 24 July. The following was posted on the site

Star Channel will start showing the U.S. television series “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” from July 24. Talk show “Sekine Tsutomu Eiga no Jikan” co-hosts Tomoko Matsumoto and Tsutomu Sekine discussed the gladiator series recently on one of their programs along with Japanese mixed martial arts fighter and professional wrestler Nobuhiko Takada and TV personality Dave Spector.

Sekine said he was very enthusiastic about the story that focuses on the Thracian slave Spartacus, who led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Takada said the fighting techniques of the stars were amazing. “I can only imagine the sort of training gladiators had to go through. I think it must have taken at least two years for them to become fighting machines.”

Spector, who appeared on the show wearing an original T-shirt he bought himself, commented on the popularity of the show in the U.S. and said that “it’s a show that was created for cable TV. Before it aired, it wasn’t really well known, but once people started seeing it, they thought it was awesome. It got good media reviews.”

“Spartacus: Blood and Sand” will premiere on Sat, July 24. The first episode will be free to watch. After that, it airs every Friday from 9 p.m. starting from July 30.