AUSXIP Spartacus News


        24 July 2010

Spartacus Season 2 News From The Panel

Latest news (from the Panel Tweets by Spartacus_Starz and Moryan) about Season 2:

  • DeKnight: Slave rebellion in S2.It will get bigger & bigger as season goes. Battles will be outside gladtr arena but lots of that in prequel
  • In S2 Spartacus will start to see big picture & become more socially conscious. More than just his revenge. But he'll still kill lotsa pple.
  • DeKnight: "I'm a huge romantic," cites Crixus/Nevia, Lucretia/Batiatus etc. Will be lots more of that in S2 - relationships, love etc.
  • Whitfield wants to pack on more mass for S2. In 1 he was about 185-190lbs. Here's to a 200lb Spartacus in 2011!

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