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        26 July 2010

SpinOff Online Interviews Steven At Comic Con


SpinOff Online interviewed Steven at Comic Con. One of Steven's favourite characters is Batiatus:

DeKnight went on to say that, even though a writer wasn’t supposed to have favorite creations, he was drawn to Hannah’s Batiatus because “what he says is what I’m thinking all the time.” A lot of his excitement about the six-episode Gods comes from being able to write Batiatus and Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) together again. But even though his focus is on the prequel, which starts shooting next week, he’s still very conscious of the show’s future.

“The show will hit major touchstones in history, ending with the slave uprising,” he said. “I’ve always said we’ve got about five to seven [seasons]. … We’ve got a good idea of the first five years. It’s not entirely written, but we know historically, this [will have happened] by the end of season two, this will have happened by the end of season three. We know where we’re headed.

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