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        15 July 2010

Steven Talks About Spartacus Season 2 - NO SPOILERS

The following is from Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly. Does not contain spoilers:

Question: I’m so incredibly proud of you for finally getting acquainted with Spartacus: Blood & Sand and acknowledging Andy Whitfield’s awesomeness. Now how about you throw us a couple of season 2 spoilers? —Alex

Ausiello: Given the events of the mind-blowing season 1 finale, it’s not much of a spoiler to say the show will undergo a huge transformation in season 2. “It’s a testament to Starz that they allowed us to do that,” says showrunner Steven S. DeKnight of the big changes in store. “The bigger broadcast networks [would be too concerned with] protecting the franchise. It’s a huge risk. But at the end of the day we ARE telling the story of Spartacus, which is largely the slave rebellion. Those first 13 episodes were literally two paragraphs in the history books. Most of what’s known about him is after the break-out.”