AUSXIP Spartacus News


        17 August 2010

Channel 9 GO! Promotes Spartacus

I love the fact that channel 9 is going all out to promote Sparty! Here's the latest Official blog posting

ImageAnd finally at 9:30pm it’s the big one. Spartacus: Blood and Sand. You’ve probably already heard us harp on about this one because, frankly, we can't wait! We get to follow the plight of legendary Roman gladiator Spartacus as he fights to regain his family and Freedom. Sex. Blood. Gore. Passion. Effects to die to for (and there is quite a bit of that that goes on). A cast made of up hotness after hotness (including sexy Australian actor Andy Whitfield and equally sexy Lucy Lawless). I'm talking a feast for the eyes from every possible angle (in fact, it feels like you’re watching a big screen epic like Gladiator or Alexander, except that you get to watch it every week, and with a lot more of that sex, blood, gore and passion we were talking about).

Oh Wednesday, you never looked so good. Epic, right? Hope you remembered that warning…