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        17 August 2010

Spartacus Set To Become New Flagship Show for GO!

ImageSpartacus: Blood and Sand is set to become the new flagship show for GO! when it has its Australian premiere tomorrow night.

The US cable series, featuring Australian Andy Whitfield as the leader of the Roman slaves, has been a hit series for the Starz Network and attracted buzz for its buff gladiators, gory violence, CGI special effects and sex scenes. It is the kind of alternative viewing that Nine’s Director of Acquisitions and HD Channel, Les Sampson, calls a perfect fit.

“It’s got action, sex appeal, it’s the brand of the channel. It’s a mega series,” he told TV Tonight.

“And the great thing is there’s an Australian in the lead, and another in Season Two and it’s shot in our region as well. So it’s got some good breeding!”

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