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        27 September 2010

Ausiello: Spartacus May Close Up Shop...

Ausiello from EW has an article about what will happen now that Andy has left the show to concentrate on his battle with cancer.

Personally I can't see why they would shut down the show. It's a hit show and despite what we all want (for Andy to come back as Spartacus) this will not happen. Andy's health comes first. Starz is a business and it has to look at the business side; they showed alot of heart by allowing Andy time to recover but now it's  different. Andy will no be back and they need to move forward.

My personal opinion is that they will recast Spartacus and move on with the show. There are so many people relying on Season 2 to go into production; a whole industry of people and the trickle down effect of suppliers etc. Shutting it down doesn't make good business sense. Spartacus is Starz' flagship show and quite popular.

Ausiello quotes Steven:

"The two main options are to close up shop or recast," says DeKnight. "I want to talk to Andy and find out how he feels about the options. That's obviously very important to us.

"We're still absorbing what's happened," adds DeKnight. "I think it's going to be a little while before we reach any conclusions." (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, a prequel to the series, will still air as scheduled in January 2011.)

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