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        16 September 2010

Spartacus Spoilers for Season 2 from Ausiello!!

This was posted in Ausiello's latest spoilers update


Question: I'm very disappointed by the lack of Spartacus: Blood and Sand spoilers. To make up for this, how about a spoiler on the second season? It's only fair. --Carol


I broke my wrist ag *f a **. Don't lecture me about fairness, Carol. Having said that, your timing is fortuitous as I just got off the phone with series creator Steven S. DeKnight. Sparty's boss told me that the search for a new Big Bad (or big Bads) to fill the void left by John Hannah's Batiatus will soon get under way. "There will be some new people on the villain side," he says. "But we're not far enough into [season 2] to nail down any big casting news." DeKnight went on to say that he "kicked around" the idea of a romance between sworn enemies Spartacus and Ilithyia, but he added that "it's a tricky thing since she tried to kill him several times, and he firmly connects her to Glaber, who he partially blames for the death of his wife. But will they have some interesting interactions in season 2? Absolutely."