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        13 October 2010

Cream Magazine Interviews Ande Cunningham


Gore and Phwoar! Interview with 'Spartacus' actor Ande Cunningham - Cream Magazine 10 July 2010

I have the sudden and peculiar urge to quote Norman Mailer, trendsetter in the genre of new journalism and purveyor of innovative nonfiction - "Masculinity is not something given to you, but something you gain. And you can gain it by winning small battles with honor". Profound words, yes, and surely we can all assume that Mailer intends this to be understood in a purely metaphysical sense, but today, if you switch on the television and watch 'Spartacus: Blood And Sand', masculinity takes on a brand new meaning. As the TV series title reads, there is blood and lots of it. Invoking the contemporary filmic style of graphic novel special effects, the vehemently popular series filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, offers blood, guts, gore, sex and violence with a relative and historically accurate twist. The cast features familiar faces such as esteemed actor John Hannah and warrior veteran Lucy Lawless as well as faces that you may not be all too familiar with, but soon will.

Sydney-based NIDA graduate Ande Cunningham plays Duro, a German gladiator who serves Batiatus (played by Hannah) and who forms a strong alliance with Spartacus. It was a role that Cunningham felt required a bit of convincing to confidently play.

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