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        7 October 2010

Spartacus: Season 1 Episode 9 Edited Review

Spartacus Season 1 Episode 9 Edited Version Review
by MaryD

Edited or not this episode is just delicious. Absolutely delicious although the editing does let it down; this time it doesn't distract from the message.

First major edit was Katrina's debut. We see her very brief; close up shot and then nada. That long extended slaves chat Lucretia and Licinia have as they are walking back from inspecting the mask of Diana; gone.

Before I got too annoyed (yet again) at the silly editing; the scene between Ilithia and Lucretia reminded me again why I love this show; those two are just absolutely incredible together.

The scene between Batiatus and Lucretia where Lucretia is telling him she will control Ilithyia - I simply adore the bit where Lucretia says "he is always difficult" about Spartacus. That cracks me up. Lucy's delivery is just cute.

Sparty / Mira scene where Mira goes to Sparty to refresh his skills; Mira in semi darkness and close up, emphasis on Spartacus rather than Mira
MAJOR edit in the Lucretia bath scene; as expected you don't see anything, close ups and rude naughty words replaced.

MAJOR MAJOR edit with Lucretia and Crixus doing the naughty...lots of closeups

The power play between Lucretia and Ilithyia are just FASCINATING. Those two are just absolutely incredible together (I know I'm preaching to the choir here but watching Lucy and Viva is just magic. Beautiful chemistry between two very gifted actors is a real joy to behold).
and here comes TNT Lucretia - ooh I love this scene and Lucy is full flight! Woohoo! LOVE LOVE LOVE this scene. The look on Lucretia's face when Batiatus tells her to give Crixus is just PRICELESS. You do not want to be on the other end of that glare as Ilithyia found out :) LOVE LOVE LOVE this scene.

Sparty getting ready for his date with Licinia; all the slaves are wearing clothes and the whole scene of slaves welcoming Sparty...gone. It it's place is a scene with Lucretia and Naevia. I have to say that green dress on Lucretia is gorgeous <g>

I have to mention my favourite couple: Crixus & Naevia scene where Naevia reads the riot act to Crixus is just wonderful. Love this scene. Crixus is such a man :) Some editing here.

The Sparty prep scene; extreme closeups, naked backs, very closeup shots; beautiful music.

The Licinia/Ilithyia/Sparty scene - I have to say this is just so beautifully shot that I'll forgive the editing here for a moment. It's gorgeous and Michael Hurst is my favourite director. The man is a beautiful director not to mention his brilliant acting.

Major edit to this scene; no Sparty naked (he's modestly half hidden by a cute) although they did include the sex scene between Sparty and Ilithyia (a bit difficult to edit that out with the next scene after it)


Wow major MAJOR MAJOR edit to the Ilithyia bashing Licinia's brains in. Wow. It loses so much impact.

That's it. That's all you see. Wow That seriously takes the impact away. Just wow. No closeups, nothing. The screencapture is what you see after Ilythia goes bonkers and grabs for Licinia.

In the end this is not as stong as the original; it loses it's impact; it doesn't dazzle but it doesn't fizz out. No spark but there are moments of greatness.

The original scored 9.5/10

This edited version is 8/10 and the strongest edited episode so far in the series.