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        2 October 2010

Steven DeKnight - Will Starz Replace Andy or Cancel Spartacus

The following posts are from Steven on his official facebook page regarding casting for Season 2 and whether Starz will replace Andy or cancel (a very hard decision either way)

Asked: NYPD Blue replaced David Caruso after the first season and stayed around along time. Never thought it would work but it did. It can work for Spartacus as well.

Steven S. DeKnight : Slight difference there. Jimmy Smits did not take over the role of John Kelly. He came in as Bobby Simone, a completely different character. But who knows? If we find someone we believe in, we'll give it a try. If not, we had a great season and a prequel.

Asked about Who are some good known actors that would play spartacus almost as good as andy? I can see jason statham play spartacus who would u guys see playing spartacus?

Steven S. DeKnight I suspect someone I have never seen before. Just like Andy!


Steven S. DeKnight I can't get into the details, but it boils down to recast or cancel. Will explain further when I am able. It's a very difficult choice, but one that needs to be made.
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