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        30 December 2010

GotA SPOILERS - Lucretia and Gaia Quote From Lucy Lawless has released a Lucy quote which is a major spoiler for Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) and Gaia (Jaime Murray). The quote doesn't appear on their site but the site has it (it's very odd)

If you REALLY don't want to be spoilt...DON'T READ:

Highlight the grey area to see the spoiler

"Jaime Murray shows up as Lucretia's old college pal, Gaia, and will goad my character into bed with opium. At first Lucretia's not into it but, once you're high, it's all on, I guess." LUCY LAWLESS on her racy lesbian scenes in upcoming Spartacus prequel Gods of the Arena.


AUSXIP Reporter: Barbara Davies