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        14 December 2010

How Spartacus Gets Away With The Sex and Violence - MINOR SPOILERS

lucretia112010-bThe New York Post has an article on how Spartacus can get away with the violence and the sex.

Bloody hit - How 'Spartacus' gets away with the sex & violence

New York Post 12 December 2010.

Lucy has some very interesting things to say about the upcoming prequel:

The new season begins next month and fans won't have to wait long for beheadings, throat slashings, copious amounts of blood, full-frontal nudity and countless sex scenes between masters and slaves, men and women, and several other combinations as well.

And that's just the first episode.

"That's nothing, mate," says Lucy Lawless, the New Zealander who shot to fame as Xena and also had a major role on the acclaimed "Battlestar Galactica" reboot. "I'm forbidding my parents to watch."

"Well, I'd like to -- but unfortunately they're grownups, and I can't really tell them what to do," says Lawless, who plays Lucretia, the wife of the owner of the gladiator school. "But I cringe to think of them watching the prequel."

Lawless wasn't feeling so bold now that her daughter, Daisy Lawless, is also working on the set.

"I say, 'Turn your back for the next 20 minutes, Daisy,' " Lawless says. "It must be really weird to have your mother engage in some shocking behavior."

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