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        21 December 2010

NZ The Press Review of Spartacus Blood and Sand DVD + Lucy Quote


The New Zealand newspaper The Press has a review of the Spartacus Blood and Sand DVD and Blu-Ray. The uncut episodes are being released in Australia and New Zealand (Australia got the edited version which, in my opinion, ripped the guts out of the show (excuse the visual) and lessened it's impact in a huge way. New Zealand got the unedited version).

In part it says:

Starring Welsh-born Andy Whitfield in the title role, with Brit John Hannah as Batiatus and our own Lucy Lawless as his social-climbing Lady Macbeth- type wife Lucretia, it's more fun than it sounds.

Lawless's husband, Rob Tapert, and his film partner, Sam Raimi, are among the executive producers. Lawless described the appeal of the raunchier, bloodier Spartacus thus: "It's everything that we are not allowed in our society. It's like the flip side of our lives. It's lovely to be a voyeur when there's no real danger."

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