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        1 December 2010

Spartacus Casting News - Maybe A New Spartacus or Maybe Not


No news of the new Sparty is getting everyone antsy and here is another piece of news to add to the rumour mix.

Back in November it was reported that three actors were being sent to New Zealand to see who would be selected for the Spartacus role: it was narrowed down to three actors: Stephen Amell, Aiden Turner and Liam McIntyre. This news was 9 November 2010 and on 13 November 2010 we had the news that two of the actors Stephen Amell and Aiden Turner were released.

and now today 01 December 2010 we have the following news from Stephen on his blog:

Stephen Amell has written the following on his blog:
I just got offered the biggest job of my career. It came on offer because of three stellar auditions (for this show) earlier in the year. . Read more

Did the rumours (by Deadline) of Liam being the frontrunner prove not to be true and now Stephen has been offered the role or is Stephen talking about another huge role?

Congratulations to Stephen on his big role (whatever it is) and we wait for official news on who has won the role of a lifetime.

Stephen later tweets:Further sign that my life might actually be perfect: The character name on my new job: Brady. #TheGreatTomBrady -

So that rumour is just that a rumour. Many thanks to @TalkingLBS on twitter for the update!