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        5 January 2011

Are We Closer To Getting A New Sparty? Ausiello Reports

ImageIt's on every Sparty fan's lips. When are we getting a new Spartacus so we can get Season 2. Yes we have Gods of the Arena being screened in the US on 21 January but when is Season 2 going to happen.

Well Ausiello has been asked as well and here is his reply and basically we are nowhere nearer to finding out.We are a just a tad closer with Ausiello's update to his original post!

Question: Any decision on the new lead for Spartacus: Blood and Sand? --Charles

Ausiello: Not yet. Aussie actor Liam McIntyre was firmly in the running as of a few weeks ago, but ultimately producers decided that he wasn't their guy. So it's back to the drawing board.

****THIS JUST IN: A little birdie tells me that McIntyre may be back in the running!


AUSXIP Reporter: Lori Boyles