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        27 January 2011

Aussies Running Rings - Cairns Post TV+

The following article appeared in the Cairns Post TV+ supplement 27 January 2011:

Aussies running rings

Well, it's official, Spartacus fans: Aussie actor Liam McIntyre is picking up the sword previously held by Andy Whitfield and taking on the title role for the second season of the sword-and-sandal series.

For a second there, it looked as if another Australian might be in the running, with former Prison Break star Dominic Purcell reportedly submitting a last-minute audition video, but US television network Starz has confirmed that McIntyre has won the role.

The actor is now hitting the gym to get into gladiator shape before filming begins in New Zealand.

In the meantime, a six-part Spartacus prequel, featuring yet another Aussie - Satisfaction star Dustin Clare - is set to premiere soon.