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        24 January 2011

Collider Interviews Dustin Clare 23 January 2011

Dustin Clare Interview SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA Interview 23 January 2011

In the Starz original series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, actor Aussie Dustin Clare plays Gannicus, a true physical specimen who is fearless in the gladiator arena and possessed by a thirst for the fleeting pleasures of life. Newly promoted to the top position at Batiatus's (John Hannah) Ludus, Gannicus is best friend to Oenomaus (Peter Mensah) and his wife Melitta (Marisa Ramirez), forming an unlikely triangle of loyal friendship. During a recent interview to promote the prequel to the popular Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Dustin Clare talked about being the new guy, the extensive physical preparation and training that was involved, not wanting to be known as a sex symbol, and working with Lucy Lawless. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

Question: How did you get involved with this project? Did you audition for it, or did someone bring it to your attention?

DUSTIN CLARE: (Executive Producer) Rob [Tapert] had actually seen my work in previous series, in Australia, and was really interested in having me on his show. I hadn't seen the show, so I made a point of watching all 13 episodes of the first series, before I decided to test for it. And then, I just put a test down in my living room. I thought there was something interesting I could do for the role. Then, the network test came up, so I went and tested, and then I got the role, and then I moved to New Zealand - the land of the long, white cloud - to film. It's a lovely country, I must say.

How does it feel to be the new guy?

CLARE: Being the new guy's always great because you get to go in fresh with your own choices and you get to bring new life and breath and a new energy into something that's already established. I play Gannicus, who is a pretty self-destructive gladiator. Gannicus has an extreme amount of skill, but he's very self-destructive and he's always trying to escape his reality. He was an interesting character who we get to really un-pick through the six episodes. We have a great through-line and a great opportunity to see this man rise within everything that keeps him down.

What had you done before this?

CLARE: I was in the Australian TV series Underbelly, and Satisfaction was a series that did well internationally. And, I have a film coming out this year, called The Eye of the Storm, with Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis, and Fred Schepisi directed it. I play a supporting role. It's a character called Col, who's the catalyst for the lead character who moves away from a relationship with me and goes to Geoffrey Rush and then comes back. I got to work with some really amazing Australian talent and a wonderful director.

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