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        11 January 2011

Interview with Marissa Ramirez on AfterEllen


AfterEllen interviews Marissa Ramirez (Melitta) about working on Spartacus Gods of the Arena and how it was like working Lucy Lawless.

Interview with Marisa Ramirez

“I didn’t wear a bra for three months,” said actress Marisa Ramirez while talking about just one facet of her upcoming role on the Starz six-part series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. And what a role she has (braless or not) on the highly touted prequel to Blood & Sand, playing "body slave" to none other than Lucy Lawless’s Lucretia.

After spending three months filming in New Zealand, the Los Angeles-based actress (who played gay in the 2009 Fox series Mental) told AfterEllen,com all about the intricacies of being a body slave, the challenges of wearing very skimpy outfits, how at times she couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous Lawless and how she thinks Hollywood is doing with gay representation these days.

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