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        24 January 2011

Season 2 News: Oenomaus' History To Be Revealed in Season 2

ImageFilm Review Online has an interview with Rob, Peter and Dustin about Gods of the Arena - click here to read the interview. What caught my attention was the following Question and Answer:

We know that Oenomaus has a tragic past; in the prequel do we learn how he came to the House of Batiatus?

Peter Mensah: This particular version of the show Gods of the Arena is just five years prior. So it doesn’t go back far enough to tell the beginning of his relationship with the House of Batiatus.

Rob Tapert: You will find out in Season 2 how Oenomaus/Doctore came to the Ludus.

Peter Mensah: I didn’t know if I could say anything!

Very interesting!