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        3 February 2011

10 Question For Steven Answered On Official Forum

Steven DeKnight has taken time out to answer the following questions:

  1. How much consultation, access, or input do you have from historians? I am curious about what kind of feedback about accuracy you may have gotten.
  2. What made you boldly push the envelope with more and more full-frontal nudity and strong sexual acts in spite of today's political climate of censor groups and religious watchdogs?
  3. Would you consider an alternative ending for the Spartacus story line than the historical account?
  4. Would we see other major historical gladiators/Romans (ex: Leonidas, Alexander, Maximus, etc.) fight or make an appearance with Spartacus?
  5. How are you planning to have more strong roles for actresses in that next phase of the show?
  6. Why did you have to kill Varro so soon?  Weren't there enough plot twists that could act as a catalyst for Sparty's rebellion and S2 focus on vengeance?  More than any "death" to date, this one has turned the fanbase on its head!
  7. Do any writers read these boards to get a feel of what the community is seeing in each episode and the direction of the characters?  If the answer is yes, how much rewriting of the second season is/has taken place?  If characters have been rewritten, which ones and why?
  8. How is the storyline for a season developed?  Do you start with the main characters and develop a plot line for them or a basic story outline and add in detail?  Have you modified the story during the filming of the season after watching and testing the initial episodes or stick with the plan?
  9. Will we see the series take a more mythological turn in the future, with monsters and such, like in 300?
  10. Thank you so much for giving a non-monochromatic / heterogeneous view of the ancient world and its inhabitants. Will we continue to see a diverse cast as the series moves towards other locales and action? 

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