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        26 February 2011

EW Interview with Steven about Season 2 + Andy's Health and Liam McIntyre


EW Interviews Steven DeKnight.

'Spartacus' creator talks 'Gods of the Arena' finale, epic season two plans

Posted 25 February 2011

Some highlights from the interview

Can you give fans an update on how Andy Whitfield is doing?

Last I heard he's doing great, fighting the good fight, very much concentrating on his health and family. It's a horrible thing, I wouldn't wish it on anybody. I have no doubt Andy will beat it. He's one of the strongest and most centered men I've ever met. He's very private, but I hear third-hand that he looks great and is in high spirits.

Liam McIntyre, who will play Spartacus in season two, looks a lot like Andy. How important was that?

Not important at all. We were trying to find somebody who didn't look exactly like him. We saw a thousand people. It came down to a handful of choices. Liam was the only one who resembled Andy. What we really loved about Liam is he had an honesty and intensity and compassion and sympathy in his performance -- something that Andy really brought to the role. Spartacus doesn't come from a place of anger.

So season two is not coming until next January right?

Unfortunately, we cannot air it until the end of January. Our post-production process takes so long. We can start airing it sooner, but we'd have to air five episodes and go on a long break. And Starz has Camelot in the spring and Torchwood in the summer.

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