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        25 February 2011

TV Guide Interviews Manu Bennett - Joy for Naevia & Crixus Fans


TV Guide Interviews Manu Bennett about Gods of the Arena and Season 2

For all of us Naevia and Crixus fans, it does look like Crixus will be out searching for his Naevia. Good man; as it should be! <g> Priorities...Sparty can take care of the rebellion..he's got his woman to find!

Now that Crixus is out, will he and Naevia be reunited?

Bennett: He'll look for her, that's what I heard. The Naevia storyline, that romantic storyline, has become a huge part of the fan base. It was the main relationship storyline from Season 1, and I think there will more in the Crixus/Naevia story than even existed before

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-- AUSXIP Reporter: Klippart