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        5 March 2011

Steven DeKnight Reflects On Gods of the Arena – Part 1

GotA-E1-gSteven DeKnight is interviewed by Assignment X: Exclusive Interview: SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA creator Steven S. DeKnight reflects on the mini-series – Part 1

SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA has ended a trifle happier than one would guess from the previous season of BLOOD AND SAND. True the six episode series was bookended with death, but that doesn’t mean the story within didn’t have a bit of a happy ending.

Steven S. DeKnight, series creator and executive producer,  has had a blast writing within the world of SPARTACUS and was more than happy to  re-visit favorite characters and the Ludus of Batiatus once more.

ASSIGNMENT X got to chat this week with DeKnight now that the second season has ended and we picked his brain about some of the origins of GODS OF THE ARENA,  his favorite moments that were part of the series, and even some things that weren’t.

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-- AUSXIP Reporter Klippart