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        8 March 2011

Steven Interview with Assignment X - Part 2 on Spartacus Season 2

Steven's interview with Assignment X is now online. It's the second part of his interview series with Assignment X. Some interesting tidbits that we find out are:

Is the show going to be called Spartacus: Vengeance? (Gods of the Arena had a working title of House of Batiatus before they changed it to Gods of the Arena). We also find out how many episodes there will be in Season 2.

On Lucy's return as the former Domina of the Ludus - she is going to be spitting mad at the world; she's lost her beloved Quintas, her baby and her position, not to mention that poke in the belly that wouldn't make anyone happy. The great thing for Lucy fans is that she will have a MAJOR role in the show! YES! As it should be because Lucy is INCREDIBLE as Lucretia. In my opinion this is Lucy's best work and she truly SHINES.

My favourite director, Michael Hurst, is back! He is such a phenomenal actor and director. I'm stoked about that!

Viva Bianca is back! Oh heavens she is SO bad and SO good :)


Check out the interview on Assignment X (thanks to Klippart for the link)

Exclusive Interview: SPARTACUS creator Steven S. DeKnight gives the scoop Season 2 – Part 2

More on season two, GODS OF THE ARENA and action figures!

SPARTACUS GODS OF THE ARENA and SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND are two of the most popular genre series that have been on television in recent years. Both were immense hits for Starz, and in 2012 there will be a new second season picking up where BLOOD AND SAND left off.

Steven S. DeKnight, one of the series creators and writers loved giving back story for the prequel, and is looking forward to all of the challenges in the works for the next season of the Starz original.

and more interesting info from Steven who is always a great interviewee!

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