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29 April 2011

Cynthia Addai-Robinson Cast As Naevia

ImageWe have a new Naevia! James Hibberd from EW.com reports that Starz has recast the role of Naevia. Her name is Cynthia Addai-Robinson.

The role of Naevia, who was the body slave to Lucretia in Season 1, was played by Lesley-Ann Brandt and a few months ago it was revealed that Lesley-Ann will not be coming back to the show. The role has now been recast with Cynthia in the role! Welcome to Spartacus, Cynthia!

Click here to view Cynthia's Official Site | Her IMDb Credits



28 April 2011

Message from Viva from the Sparty Set

Hi guys -

I really appreciate all of your support and positive feedback. Thank you!

For all you Sparty fans - you might be happy to know that I'm actually writing to you from set right now and that the Season 2 shoot is off to a kicker start. We're having so much fun!

Stay tuned...

Chat to Viva on FB

Find out more about Viva on her Official News & Multimedia Fan Site



28 April 2011

Manu in 2002 Charity Calendar Shoot!

Marcus Goldfinch has kindly posted some gorgeous photos of Manu and himself from a 2002 Charity Calendar shoot.

yet1Click here for the full size versions



27 April 2011

Bennett Masters Gladiator - The Malborough Express 27 April 2011

The New Zealand newspaper The Malborough Express newspaper on 27 April 2011 has the same article about Manu and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena as the Dominion Newspaper tv guide supplement BUT it does contain some different pics.

Click on the smaller image for the full size scan. Scanned by MaryD






27 April 2011

New Artist Ericajean10 + New Spartacus Art

I've very pleased to announce a new artist to the Spartacus art gallery. Ericajean10 has joined the site.


She has created some gorgeous artwork! Check out her art



27 April 2011

Lucy Lawless War Veteran - Veja Magazine Scan & Translation April 2011

The following article (In Portuguese and English translation by Clarissa) is from a Brazillian magazine called Veja. is about Lucy's role on Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. It also covers her work on Xena. The scan was contributed by Wladimir. The translation is by Leila.



Lucy as Lucretia (in blue dress): a feisty Roman lady

War veteran

Lucy Lawless, the actress who played the brawny Xena, keeps on loving women in Spartacus.  And she's even bolder now.

Owner of a gladiator academy in the times of the Roman Empire, Batiatus (John Hannah) falls into a rival's trap.  While his bloody face is shown in close up, the camera catches his wife in another type of combat: she is making love with a (girl)friend.   As early as the first episode of the new Spartacus season, which starts this coming Saturday, April 16, on the Globosat HD channel, there is no doubt left: the cunning Lucretia plays in all teams. Such versatility helps maintain the myth surrounding the actress who plays the role, the New Zealander Lucy Lawless. Between 1995 and 2001, that powerfully built woman of 1,77m reached fame portraying the main character of another trash series, Xena, Warrior Princess.  The exchange of caresses with her sidekick, Gabrielle (Renée O 'Connor), led Xena to be worshiped by lesbians.  Swords in their hands, the (lady)fans started gathering at conventions, such as the XenaCon - which the actress supports with her presence until this day. "At the beginning, there was no intention to portray them as lesbians.  But they got so famous that we decided to follow with that idea", Lucy told VEJA.

At 43, mother of three, the actress boasts a beautiful figure, as can be ascertained in Spartacus wanton scenes - inserted between numerous blood spilling ones.  And she is a very lucky woman.  In the 90's, the ex- Miss New Zealand got a secondary role in another series made by the same producers of Xena, and was so good at it that she ended by getting the job of their first option for the warrior woman role. In Spartacus, the central character was, like the title says, the gladiator who led a revolt in the year I BC, in Rome.  But by the middle of the first season, the Welsh actor Andy Whitfield, who played Spartacus, was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer.  The way to deal with his absence was to create Gods of the Arena, a prologue to the original season, which shows how Batiatus, helped by Lucretia, secured his academy reputation. As Whitfield's condition recrudesced - and with Batiatus' death at the end of the first year - it seems that Lucretia will be the big star of Spartacus new season.  A detail: she seemed to have died during the same scene where her husband was beheaded.  Lucy makes fun of the rumors that her character will be resuscitated only because her husband in real life is Robert Tapert, one of the executive producers:  "If the character was not good, he wouldn't have any qualms about leaving me unemployed".

Despite the evidences in contrary, Lucy makes it clear that Lucretia's sexual interest falls on men.  "She doesn't have sex with women for pleasure.  It's just a means of strengthening her power", the actress explains. Lucy, by the way, says that she never had any attraction for women. Not even platonically, like Xena and Gabrielle? "And who said their relationship was platonic? It was pure fire", she quips. 


The actress as Xena: "That was pure fire!"

For more about Lucy's role as Lucretia go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus subsite.

For more about Lucy's role as Xena go to AUSXIP Xena Warrior Princess

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26 April 2011

Rittenhouse Archives Trading Cards - Autographed Cards

Here are the autographed cards you can get from the new Spartacus Blood and Sand Trading Cards from Rittenhouse Archives - it's interesting to note that Antonio and Lesley-Ann have two cards and the second card is from Gods of the Arena while the others only have one card.
Also interesting to note is that there is one character/actor missing from the autographed cards - there is no Peter Mensah (Doctore) card yet we have 2 Lesley-Ann and 2 Antonio.









Click here to order them through Rittenhouse Archives - The Official Spartacus Blood and Sand Trading Cards



26 April 2011

Spartacus II - The Real 300? OnFilm Magazine April 2011

The New Zealand OnFilm Magazine April 2011 issue has a look at what's in store for Spartacus: Season 2. It's a continuation of the interview with Rob Tapert - click here to read the full interview that deals with Rob's rob on Hercules, Xena, the movies he has produced and of course Spartacus.

Click on the scan for the full size image - Scanned by Jo


For more Spartacus press - go to AUSXIP Spartacus Press



26 April 2011

Rob Tapert Interviewed in OnFilm Magazine April 2011


There is a fantastic interview with Rob in this month's OnFilm Magazine April 2011 dealing with his work in the NZ Film Industry and all the great shows he has produced.

Rob Tapert
OnFilm Magazine April 2011

Through TV Shows including Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess and Spartacus, American producer Rob Tapert has played a monumental role in developing the NZ screen production industry. Philip Wakefield talks to the OnFilm/Spada Champion of 2010

Read Full Interview



26 April 2011

Lawless back in prequel to 'Spartacus' - Otago Daily Times 26 April 2011

New Zealand's Otago Daily Times (Online version) newspaper has an article that appears to be very dated but they have just posted it. It's regarding Gods of the Arena but it mentions Liam's signing as Spartacus for Season 2 as only the previous week. As we know, Season 2 is currently being filmed in Auckland.


Lawless back in prequel to 'Spartacus'
Otago Daily Times 26 April 2011

Some interesting snippets:

The prequel grew out of a flashback sequence that was originally going to occur early on in season two to flesh out some of the characters, exploring Batiatus' gladiatorial school. It also sees the rise of a new gladiator, the cocky Gannicus. And there will be much more of Lucretia.

"It's true, you're going to see a lot more of Lucretia, but not just nakedness," Lawless said.

"People are going to be surprised by the relationship between Lucretia and Batiatus... Every decision she makes is out of her love and duty to Batiatus."

She said that while the prequel may have been born out of a need to kill time, no time is wasted.

"There is no foot-dragging in this prequel. We really go at it full-tilt," she said.

Read full article online

-- News submitted by Barbara Davies



26 April 2011

Peter Mensah - More To Actor and His Character Than Meets Eye - The Dominion Post 26 April 2011

The New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post has a great article on Peter! Scanned and transcribed by MaryD.

ImageThe Dominion Post
26 April 2011

More to actor – and his character – than meets eye

ACTOR PETER Mensah is an imposing presence. At 1.91 metres tall, standing erect, with skin the colour of burnished leather and a body like a Greek sculpture, you can see why he was cast as the supreme gladiator trainer Oenomaus in Spartacus.

Like his character, there’s a whole lot more to Mensah than meets the eye. Born to Ghanaian parents, he grew up in England where his parents emphasised academics, he says.

‘‘I was fine to do anything as long as I got good grades. So I guess what that did, it meant I had to study in order to get the pass to act. So it worked out in the long run.’’

His dad is an engineer; his mother, a writer, now runs a school in Ghana.

‘‘The other thing, I was also an athlete,’’ he says. He did judo and track and field – long jump, triple jump and the 400 and 800. ‘‘We’ve had conversations today about how physical the show is and the role is. It’s all of those things. But the thing I find that’s really interesting to me as an actor, as opposed to an athlete doing this, is that it’s a very touching human story and the character carries the weight of so much suffering with him. And that’s what I find really interesting to work with. He’s training men in the art of killing in an environment where human life – especially a slave’s life – is given away so easily. So to do that and have some heart has been a great challenge. I’ve loved it.’’

Mensah, who has appeared in Avatar, The Incredible Hulk and Hidalgo, cut the cord from England eight years ago and headed for Hollywood. He admits it takes daring to be an actor. ‘‘Because the job requires I put myself out there and just lay it open. It is a courageous thing to do for a living because you are emotionally bare at times; even this character requires me to be really disciplined personally and emotionally. Am I disciplined? I can be disciplined. Am I always? No.’’

Unmarried, he says he and his girlfriend split up because he was never home. ‘‘Career-wise that’s good, but it’s also revealing because these are the things that reveal what you care about, and so it definitely starts to weigh when you realise if you keep doing it this way, what’s going to happen.

‘‘I also recognise the blessing of having this enormous task and job and world-life experience. I pretty much had the opportunity to travel to the end of the earth doing my craft.’’

Mensah has not forgotten his roots in Ghana. ‘‘We built a school 13 years ago now. It’s a credit to my mother and my sister, who teaches there as well, because we started with three kids and now we have over 700 children.

‘‘It’s also a great reference for me,’’ he adds, ‘‘because this is an industry in which we can forget about the rest of the world. I get to, every week, go through with my family what we need, the issues, listen to the stories of the kids and it certainly brings things into balance.’’




26 April 2011

Interview with Manu - Kiwi Actor's Role of a Lifetime The Dominion 26 April 2011

There is a fantastic article / interview with Manu about his role on Spartacus: Gods of the Arena for today in the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion tv magazine supplement




He is television's fiercest warrior, a rock-hard wall of muscle capable of crushing the mightiest of opponents in hit American series Spartacus.

But before he was Crixus, Champion of Capua, New Zealand actor Manu Bennett was at rock bottom.

He had relocated his family to South Africa to film a movie opposite martial arts legend Jean-Claude Van Damme. It was a great role and one both Bennett and his American management team thought would finally compel him to the next level in Hollywood.

He had more than a decade's worth of local experience behind him – credits include Street Legal, Shortland St, Water Rats and Australian film Lantana – and his international career was building momentum.

He had worked with movie tough guys "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones in The Condemned, WWE's John Cena and Terminator 2's Robert Patrick in The Marine and had even walked his first red carpet for cult horror flick 30 Days of Night.

Read transcript online: Kiwi actor's role of a lifetime | Stuff.co.nz




26 April 2011

Gods of the Arena The Bitter End Review from The Guardian's The Guide 23 April 2011


Gods of the Arena The Bitter End Review from The Guardian's The Guide 23 April 2011

Tonight’s finale, The Bitter End, may not have as provocative a title as season one’s brilliant denouement, Kill Them All, but it matches it in every department, even surpassing it in some.

This mini-series has all been about Batiatus’s and Lucretia’s descent into hell, and now they’re fully paid-up residents of the underworld, it’s time for bloody reckoning to those who have slighted them. It’s also time for the grand opening of the new arena. Who shall emerge victorious? It’s not as cut and dried as you’d think.



24 April 2011

New Photos - Katrina Climbing Mount Ngauruhoe (Mt Doom) in New Zealand

ImageKatrina was trekking through Mount Ngauruhoe (Mt. Doom) in the North Island of New Zealand over the weekend. Check out the gorgeous photos!

Click here to view the photos

Mount Ngauruhoe is an active stratovolcano or composite cone in New Zealand, made from layers of lava and tephra. It is the youngest vent in the Tongariro volcanic complex on the Central Plateau of the North Island, and first erupted about 2,500 years ago. Although seen by most as a volcano in its own right, it is technically a secondary cone of Mount Tongariro.

The volcano lies between the active volcanoes of Mount Tongariro to the north and Mount Ruapehu to the south, to the west of the Rangipo Desert 25 kilometres to the south of the southern shore of Lake Taupo.

The volcano was named by Nga-toro-i-rangi, an ancestor of the local Ma-ori iwi, Nga-ti Tu-wharetoa. Local traditions say that Nga-toro-i-rangi called volcanic fire from his homeland Hawaiki which eventually emerged at Ngauruhoe The name either commemorates his slave, who had died from the cold before the fire arrived,[3] or refers to the insertions (nga- uru) of his hoe (paddle-like staff) into the ground.

Read more about it on Wikipedia



24 April 2011

Steven Tweets About Comic Con Spartacus Panel

Steven has tweeted about the upcoming Spartacus Panel at the 2011 Comic Con - there will be a Vengeance Trailer. No news yet on who will be on the panel other than Steven who has confirmed he will be there.

Steven DeKnight
SDCC panel (and Vengeance trailer) will be epic! RT @ I can't wait to talk with u about it. Already excited 4 SDCC reveals.
23 Apr via Twitterrific



24 April 2011

The Hobbit Takes Spartacus Talent - Herald on Sunday 24 April 2011

robtapertThe New Zealand newspaper Herald on Sunday 24 April 2011 has an article on how the movie The Hobbit by Sir Peter Jackson is taking talented crew away from Spartacus Season 2.

You can also read the article online



23 April 2011

Spartacus Trading Cards - Chase Cards

The chase cards for the new Spartacus Blood and Sand Trading cards from Rittenhouse Archives have started appearing on Ebay.


Click here to order them through Rittenhouse Archives - The Official Spartacus Blood and Sand Trading Cards



23 April 2011

Rittenhouse Archives Spartacus Trading Cards Advert

The following is an advert for the Rittenhouse Archives Spartacus Trading Cards.

Click on the image for the full size version | Download pdf


Click here to order from Rittenhouse Archives



21 April 2011

Steven DeKnight Interview with Kristen 21 April 2011

Steven DeKnight Interview About Season 1, Prequel & Season 2
Posted on: 21st April 2011

Steven DeKnight Interview About Season 1, Prequel & Season 2

Watch Kristen's interview with Starz's Spartacus creator/executive producer Steven DeKnight as he talks about Blood and Sand season 2, the unfortunate circumstances of replacing the Andy Whitfield as lead actor, Gods Of The Arena, and working with Joss Whedon on Buffy and Angel.

Watch Video



21 April 2011

No Place Like Rome - Interview with Lucy Lawless & Peter Mensah - NZ Herald 21 April 2011

The New Zealand Herald's tv supplement magazine "Time Out" has two wonderful interviews and a cover dedicated to Gods of the Arena with Teumeura Morrison (Doctore) and Lucy Lawless (Lucretia).

No Place Like Rome
NZ Herald - Time Out Magazine
21 April 2011

Lucy Lawless - Her Tragic Beginning - click on the scans for the larger images
Peter Mensah - To Fight Another Day - click on the scan for larger image or read online
Temeura Morrison - Temuera Morrison: Winstone's quarry read online





17 April 2011

AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus Subsite Redesigned

The AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Spartacus subsite has been redesigned with a nifty new design. Click here to view




17 April 2011

A New Battle Plan For Spartacus - Herald on Sunday 17 April 2011

heraldonsunday170411Herald on Sunday (New Zealand)
17 April 2011

A new battle plan for Spartacus

ROME WASN’T built in a day, but Spartacus: Gods of the Arena came damn close. This is the programme quickly greenlit last year after Season 2 of Spartacus: Blood and Sand had to be put on hold when leading man Andy Whitfield was diagnosed with cancer.

The powers behind the hit series needed a way to maintain creative momentum and keep their cast and staff together in New Zealand until Blood could resume, with Liam McIntyre as Whitfield’s replacement.

But Gods, a six-episode prequel revealing how the House of Batiatus rose to prominence in the gladiator business, is no mere time-filler.

It’s just as epic and freakishly compelling as the original series and — if possible — even more gruesome, decadent and scatological — just what pagan fans demand. And there’s not a hint that the project was born of adversity.



17 April 2011

Pullip Barasuishou as Lucy Lawless' Lucretia in Spartacus


Pullip Barasuishou* as Lucy Lawless' Lucretia in Spartacus - a Pullip doll done up as Lucy's Lucretia:

Not sure what to make of these...they are a little weird but fascinating at the same time :)

* Pullip is a collectible fashion doll created by Cheonsang Cheonha of South Korea in 2003. It has an eye mechanism that allows the eyes to move and wink using levers on the back of the head. ...read more

Check out the images here

-- Reported by Barbara Davies



15 April 2011

The Warrior Profile on Lucy Lawless Backstage Magazine 17-23 Feb 2011

ImageBackstage Magazine has a profile of Lucy called "The Warrior"

"Xena" star Lucy Lawless steps back into the sandals for Spartacus.

Lucy Lawless doesn't mind being typecast. The actor, who became a household name thanks to the 1995-2001 TV series "Xena: Warrior Princess" and who can currently be seen on Starz's "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena," admits that playing Xena may have pigeonholed her into repeatedly being cast as the warrior in period pieces. But, the New Zealand-born Lawless notes, "What am I going to complain about? How many actresses work as much as me?"

read the online version here

You can purchase the digital copy of the magazine from Zinio



14 April 2011

Spartacus Panel at 2011 Comic Con

It's coming up to the great Comic Con convention in July and Steven has confirmed that there will be a Spartacus panel. No official news yet on who will be on the panel (except for Steven who has confirmed he will be there). If the previous panels are any indication, we may get to see the new Spartacus Liam McIntyre, Lucy Lawless, Peter Mensah, Viva Bianca and maybe Rob Tapert. We shall see; it's going to be very exciting with the first look at the new trailer according to Steven's tweet




14 April 2011

Nick Nominated by Starz For Emmy Award

Lesley-Ann tweeted the following about Nick Tarabay (Ashur)


Congratulations to Nick E Tarabay aka Ashur who has been nominated by Starz to be nominated for an Emmy! yay!



12 April 2011

New Artist and Artwork to Spartacus Art Gallery


Added a gorgeous new artwork by Yasmin McQueen to the AUSXIP Spartacus Art Gallery

Click here to view



12 April 2011

Official Nick Tarabay Facebook Page

Image Nick Tarabay has a new facebook fan page!

This is an official page for Nick E Tarabay. While Nick will stop by from time to time, it is also monitored by an administrator.

Check it out



12 April 2011

New Magazine Scan - Lesley-Ann in Ambassador Magazine


Added new scan from the Ambassador Magazine featuring Lesley-Ann.


Scanned by Lori


Click here to view



12 April 2011

New Artist + Art in Spartacus Art Gallery

I'm very pleased to welcome Vadim Lisak to the Spartacus Art Gallery. Absolutely gorgeous artwork!


Click here to view



11 April 2011

Peter Mensah Hosting The Creatives Dinner 17 March 2011


There is an absolutely gorgeous photo of Peter in the Huffington Post about Peter hosting the The Creatives Dinner and produced by Heather Hope-Allison and The Buzz Girls at The Capital Grille in Los Angeles. The Creatives Dinner series brings together like-minded creative, individuals to discuss various topics and the evening's topic was green initiatives. The Buzz Girls brought together a select group of guests in association with Global Green USA to create awareness about environmental activism and Global Green's green initiatives.

Read More and see the bigger pic

-- Reported by Barbara Davies



10 April 2011

Michael Hurst Directing First Episode of Vengeance

Michael Hurst has posted the following on his official site

April 2011: Directing first episode of Spartacus: Vengeance
Michael is also a producer for the new season and will later be directing episode 6.

and in Lucy's message about the AUSXIP Charity Auction, she added the following about Spartacus: Vengeance:

Now I have to get back to work on Sparty. My internet has been down so I have been trying to do research on my little iPhone. Not very good. I am so excited by the new direction for my character. Bizarre stuff! Michael Hurst and I are psyched about what we're about to do. Wish I could say what, but it would ruin the surprise.
Up and at 'em!



9 April 2011

The Director’s Cut Lucy Lawless Interview January 2011

ImageThe Director’s Cut Lucy Lawless Interview January 2011
Posted on: 9th April 2011

Extended edit of Lucy Lawless interview at the January 2011 TV Critics Tour, by Toronto Star columnist Rob Salem Click here to watch the edited version

View Video

-- Reported by Barbara Davies



8 April 2011

New Lucy Lawless Artwork Section Now Online


I'm very pleased to announce the new AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Artwork seciton is now live. If you wish to submit your artwork, please read the submission guidelines

The artwork section contains the work of 16 artists and more will be added over the coming few days.

View Main Artwork Section with New Updates | View Artist Index



6 April 2011

New Lucy Lawless Artwork Section - Submissions Welcome

In the next few days there will be a new section on AUSXIP Lucy Lawless dedicated to Lucy Lawless related artwork. If you wish to submit your artwork, please contact MaryD

Submission Guidelines

- Must be your own work!
- Must be Lucy Lawless related
- Pencil Drawings
- Photo Manipulations
- Wallpapers
- Montages

AUSXIP reserves the right not to publish any art submitted to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Artwork Section if it contains nudity and/or adult in nature.

Submit here



6 April 2011

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena on The Box in New Zealand 01 May 2011

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, the highly anticipated prequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand, telling the story of the original Champion of the House of Batiatus, will premiere on The BOX on Sunday, 1 May at 9.30pm.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand, the first season in the Spartacus series franchise, one of the highest rating series on pay television in the United States, quickly became an audience favourite with BOX viewers when it premiered in New Zealand last year.

The prequel, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, was watched by over 2.8 million viewers when it premiered in the US earlier this year and now the powerful series, complete with an irresistible cast, is set to confront Kiwi audiences.

The series follows the character Gannicus (Dustin Clare, Underbelly), the first gladiator to become Champion of Capua. Cast members and characters being reprised from the original series include John Hannah (The Mummy, Four Weddings and A Funeral) as Batiatus, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) as Lucretia, Peter Mensah (300, The Incredible Hulk) as Oenomaus, and Manu Bennett (30 Days of Night, Street Legal) as Crixus.

Joining returning stars will be additional cast members Jaime Murray (Hu$tle) as Gaia, Marisa Ramirez (General Hospital) as Melitta and Temuera Morrison (Star Wars, Once Were Warriors) as Doctore.

"It's exciting to bring another exhilarating season of our top show of 2010 to viewers next month," says The BOX Channel Manager, Tom Fox.

"Fans of Spartacus: Blood And Sand will not be disappointed as this series is as passionate and brutal as its sequel".

Filmed in New Zealand, the production team includes Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Legend of the Seeker), Rob Tapert (Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Legend of the Seeker), Joshua Donen (Drag Me to Hell) and Steven S DeKnight (Smallville, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena screens Sundays, 9.30pm from 1 May on The BOX, SKY Channel 005.




2 April 2011

New Spartacus Artwork by Klippart - Gannicus


Added a new wallpaper by Klippart - Gannicus God of the Arena


Click here to view



2 April 2011

Spartacus Draw Them All Comic Strip - Aprilis Kalendas


Olansamuelle has drawn one the latest Draw Them All Comic Strip called Aprilis Kalendas - Any Last Words.


Click on the thumbnail for the larger image



1 April 2011

Young Spartacus Artist Passes Away - Caitlin Dikos

I'm very saddened to report the news that Caitlin Dikos, a very gifted artist has passed away. She recently sent me her work and it was exceptional. Her father Mike Dikos sent me a note about her passing. Her funeral was held 18 March. Caitlin's artwork will remain online as a tribute to her talent.

I am the father of Caitlin Dikos. We would like to thank you for posting our daughter Caitlin's artwork on your site. Caitlin has recently passed away, and we are glad to know that everyone will be able to see how talented our daughter was. She was only 21, but filled with talent. She touched the lives of many people, and will be greatly missed. Thank you again.

Mike and Cathy Dikos

the following is from her Obituary

KNOX, Ind. - Caitlin M. Dikos, 21, of Knox and formerly of Crystal Lake, passed away Saturday, March 12, 2011.

She was born June 22, 1989, in Naperville. She was a student at Utah State University.

She is survived by her parents, Michael and Catherine (Poray) Dikos of Knox; a twin sister, Lauren (Joseph) Johnson of Utah; a sister, Brittany Dikos of Knox; and a niece, April Johnson.

The visitation will be from 2 to 8 p.m. Friday, March 18, at M. C. Smith Funeral Home, 153 E. Washington St., Knox. The funeral Mass will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Saturday, March 19, at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Knox. Interment will be at Crown Hill Cemetery, Knox.

For information, call the funeral home at 574-772-4211.



1 April 2011

Lucy Lawless Interview The Jett Stream


Jack E. Jett has an interview with Lucy (not sure how old this is or if has been reposted). There isn't any date on it. It does say at the bottom of the interview: [Another interview with her is planned on Jett Streams, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on rationalbroadcasting.com.]

The Jett Stream:
with Lucy Lawless
by Jack E. Jett - "Jett Stream"

We're talking to Lucy Lawless, Xena the Warrior Princess, and then later she was catapulted to superstardom by appearing on the Jack E. Jett TV Show, which is airing in New Zealand now. Have you noticed that, Lucy? That you guys spring-boarded my career? Yeah. I'll forever be grateful. Thanks, man. Well, I do what I can do. How's Daisy doing? [her child by Garth Lawless who appeared on the TV show with Lucy] Daisy is doing great. She's following in your footsteps also, with a career in radio and in voice. I bet mom is proud…

Read More



1 April 2011

Gods of the Arena on Dutch TV and Watch Online

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena will be on Dutch RTL5, starting this Sunday at 22:00.    
Click here for more info

You can watch both series online, if You pay for it.     Click here for more info

-- Reported by Eddy



1 April 2011

Lucy Lawless & Spartacus Cast More Pics from Bare for Christchurch


Janine has crossed the ditch to go back home from her trip to New Zealand for the BARE for Christchurch and she sent me her pics of Lucy and the Spartacus cast.

Please note: If you crosspost these images please give credit to the photographer. Please don't just take without the proper credit. Do not remove the copyright information.

Click here for the images

For more information, photos, video of Lucy singing at the party and a report from Jo (and photos) and Janine from the Bare for Christchurch event, the fundraiser for the Christchurch earthquake go to AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Bare For Christchurch event page



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