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        15 May 2011

Aussie GotA Ratings - Episode 2 Missio

The ratings for Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Episode 2: 211,000 (source: which is an increase from Episode 1 Past Transgressions of 113,000. Since there is hardly ANY PR stuff coming out about GotA in the Aussie Press that I can see, it would account for the low rating in the first episode. Second episode got more viewers because people figured out it was on? Very strange or else the first episode numbers have been wrongly reported. I'm checking on that and will change the figure once I get confirmation.

EPISODE # and Name

Ep 1: Past Transgressions
Ep 2: Missio
Ep 3: Paterfamilias
Ep 4: Beneath The Mask
Ep 5: Reckoning
Ep 6: The Bitter End