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        11 May 2011

Season 2 News via Twitter - NO Spoilers

Here are some interesting tweets coming from Steven DeKnight They are pretty safe for those on a No Spoiler Diet.

Will John Hannah be back for Season 2?

stevendeknight Steven DeKnight
Love him, but no plans. RT @moviegoer424 any chance of seeing John Hannah in flashbacks or dream sequences? I'm miss Batiatus already. :(
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How many episodes in Season 2

stevendeknight Steven DeKnight
10>9! RT @electrcspacegrl Is it true that season 2 will only be 10 episodes? Please say it isn't so! I need as much Sparty as I can get.
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When do we see a trailer for Season 2

stevendeknight Steven DeKnight
Gotta wait till SDCC! @tctcbeastygirl So come on Mr DeKnight show us a peek.We wont show anyone,Its only u & a couple of million people.
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Season 2 Episode 2 Footage

stevendeknight Steven DeKnight
Saw some amazing footage today from ep 2 of Spartacus: Vengeance. Going to be a hell of an ep!

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